5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Showing

5 tips to prepare your home for showing. Woman painting a wall.When it comes to selling real estate, appearances are everything and first impressions are often all you have. Your efforts to improve the appearance of your home will boost the number and value of offers you receive, and ultimately accelerate the sale of your home.

Sometimes it’s difficult for homeowners to be objective on important matters of showing form and function. Your Sutton Associate can offer you personal and professional advice on what you really need to do – and what you could do better – to improve your home’s selling prospects.

Outside Matters – Get off to a good start by welcoming buyers with a tidy and inviting exterior.

  • Yard – mow the lawn, trim hedges, rake leaves and offer a touch of flower power
  • Driveway – keep the garage door closed and clear any tools, toys, oil leaks and snow
  • Exterior – wash the windows, clean / repair any obvious damage to the roof, gutters and siding
  • Entrance – a tidy walkway and freshly painted door open a world of possibilities

Clean Bill of Health – A clean home creates a wealth of selling health.

  • Rooms – do a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning of every room including walls, counter surfaces, fixtures and windows
  • Flooring – remove carpet stains and floor markings
  • Storage – attics, basements and closets are important selling features that need to be ‘presentable’
  • Odors – every buyer is looking for a ‘sense of fresh’; eliminate any offensive food, pet, smoke or mildew odors; shampoo carpets, empty garbage frequently, bathe pets and open windows for fresh air; introduce pleasing scents – subtly – with potpourri, air fresheners, candles or baking

Gut the Clutter – Apace always sells, over-excessive decoration often doesn’t. Clearing space and removing unnecessary clutter makes your home seem bigger and brighter.

  • Furniture – consider storing furniture you don’t use or need to create more ‘space’
  • Knick-knacks – too many ornaments and personal mementos can impose a sense of style and burden otherwise pleasing features
  • Counters – unnecessary appliances and gadgets should be stored away

‘Care’ Repairs – Ensuring your home is in complete working order assures buyers they are making a sound investment in a home that has been well cared for – a home that won’t bring unwanted surprises down the road.

  • Leaky faucets, burned-out light bulbs, noisy furnaces and air conditioners, sticky doors, broken windows and dysfunctional appliances should be dealt with before they break the deal

New is Nice – Buyers are looking for a new home, so give them a taste of what’s to come.

  • A fresh coat of paint, a new area rug, crisp linen or dry clean the drapes are relatively small investments that can make a splash with buyers. Remember: neutral colours are always best and subtle styles have wider appeal.


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